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I Hart the Media

Finally! The answer to, "How do I get featured in the media?"

All you need is the perfect pitch

Discover How to Master the Media Pitch & FINALLY Get Your Business Buzzing!

Let me guess...

You are on the brink of something Amazing

... If only other people (besides that one aunt who’s always commenting on your Facebook posts) knew it too.

You need media exposure.

In just one day, I can help you get it.

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The media isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Yes! I want to master the media pitch!

And then there's people like you...

People who Heart the Media and want to be in it.

I'm ready to make that dream a reality!


Perfect the Pitch VIP Day

You'll go from a hidden, one dimensional professional to an expert with a story worth sharing and a strategically crafted pitch that can't be ignored.

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Feel confident communicating with the media

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Go from masterful Pitch to Press

As a journalist, I get ALOT of pitches daily.

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The truth is most of them don't do the sender justice.

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Most people tell their business. Rarely do they tell their STORY

How long are you willing to tolerate...

  • Being confused about what to include in a media pitch

  • Working on a message that never gets attention

  • Risk getting on a journalist's bad side for repeatedly sending pitches that miss the mark

  • Not having the credibility that comes with media mentions

  • Feeling like each pitch you send is a shot in the dark

  • Not having the coveted "as seen in" or "featured in" logo on your website

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Spending $$$$ on media databases and getting NO RESPONSES!!!

Or Worse...

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Spending $5,000 to $10,000 per month on back and back and forth emails passed around several people in an agency who haven't walked a mile in a journalist's shoes...

Sounds like you need my VIP Day to Perfect the Pitch

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Phase 1: Ponder the story

We brainstorm your unique story and what makes you an expert utilizing on-boarding questions and collaborative discussion

Phase 2: Pin the Trend

Based on our chat and reviewing other business collateral, I identify and align you with a newsworthy trend

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Phase 4: Pump it Up

I know pitching the media can be scary. I'll address those concerns and how to overcome them

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Phase 5: Phone it In

We'll review the media pitches , calls to action and how to tactfully follow up on sent pitches

Phase 3: Pen the Pitch

I start writing! I combine your business, knowledge, and trend into a succinct media pitch aligning with the needs of media professionals.

Your Investment:


(for the next person to book)

I'm Terri.

I'm an award-winning journalist, speaker and story strategist.

As a working journalist, I use my inside knowledge of the industry to help you master the pitch that can earn you media attention.

Here's what you get in the Perfect the Pitch VIP Day

  • ME! 1:1 Access to someone who fields HUNDREDS of media pitches a month. I'll tell you what journalists actually want in a pitch

  • A clear idea of how to go from telling your business to telling your story in the pitch

  • 3 media-ready pitches positioning yourself as an expert in a specific industry decided on collaboratively through a pre-work questionnaires (to be completed prior to the VIP Day,) phone calls, and video chat.

  • 2 “response pitches” for use on sites such as HARO, media newsletters, etc.

  • An updated professional bio so editors better understand who you are and what you can talk about

  • Three weeks of email support answering questions as they come up pertaining to pitching the media


Need more than just a media pitch?

I've got a VIP Weekend for that!

Day 1

Define your talking points

We'll determine your perfect message

Decide your aligning trend

Discover a trend you can speak on

Design the perfect pitch

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Day 2

Gather the Goods

find relevant media contacts to target

Go for Impressive

Getting on a journalist's good side goes beyond the pitch. Let's see what extras can give you the "WOW!" factor

Get the Gift of Gab

It's interview prep time complete with mock interviews, and learning to predict a journalist's questions

Day 3

Hit the ground Running!

With a fabulous pitch in hand, extras in a your pocket and pointers from your practice interview in your head, you are ready to master the media!

Your investment for a VIP Weekend:


(for the next person to book)

Who is this service for?

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Food Photography Production

Business Owners

E-Commerce/Product Developers


Indian male executive


You don't need to work for yourself to get some buzz.

Business coach


Anyone looking to go from "who?" to "I just saw you mentioned in a story I read online and I'd love to know more about your service," can benefit from this!

I'll let you in on a little secret...

The press release is dying a slow death. As a veteran independent journalist, I rarely read the press releases that end up in my mailbox. And I don't know many journalists who do.

It's all about the pitch baby...

You know how a good resume is the key to a good job? A media pitch is the same way. A media pitch can lead to media mentions, repeat interviews, and working relationships with journalists.

Anyone can write a media pitch...

Most people can write a good media pitch on their own. But they're doing it from the outside looking in.

Everyone can't write a GREAT one with the inside of knowledge of what goes on in an editorial pitch meeting.

My first cover story was made possible by a pitch...

First I had to pitch the editor...

My experience masterfully crafting pitches for editors earned me the cover story in Bridal Guide

Then I had to sort through pitches...

No cover story is complete without credible sources. I read through an influx of pitches to find the right ones for this story.

I became a pitch master from my experience as an independent journalist. Now, I'm using all I know to help get you some press.

A little press can help you...

Scale your business

Build community

Leverage your career

Become a trusted expert

Increase sales

Gain more website traffic

And it all starts by nailing your story and pitch...

Here's what others had to say about my guidance...

Matthew C.

"Terri was very honest and transparent about everything that I asked her. She provided examples from her own experiences and tips I could utilize to afford wasting my time or falling into some of the pitfalls she may have gone through. I really appreciated that she made me feel as though I CAN DO THIS! She was full of support, and encouragement, and easy to talk with."

Teya D.

"In the midst of our discussion, I felt heard, and being heard took away most of my anxiety. Terri used simple terms which allowed me to take immediate action. And best of all Terri followed up with me. This check in made me smile. Even more exciting I was proud to say I had achieved being written up in one article. I'm still in action and enjoying the mix of happiness and excitement. At any point where I feel discouraged, I go back to my notes and hear them in Terri's voice. I immediately feel supported and encouraged. Her notes remind me that I am creating a win win situation for the journalist and myself, and once I'm in action, I am unstoppable!"

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You have a message that's worth sharing...

The only thing standing in your way is access to a top notch media pitch

I can help you get your message out into the world...

I've been featured in...

And more...

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It could be

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High Rise Buildings

Imagine all those logos next to your name or on your company page.

The only thing in the way of your 2023 goal of more media attention is the PERFECT Media Pitch



Ready, Set, Press!

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